We supply energy from our personal reserves.

Without intermediaries and unnecessary costs.

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Ownership strukture

GAZPROM Germania GmbH
is the majority shareholder of
VEMEX s.r.o.,
which hold the controlling packet of
VEMEX Energie a.s.

Member of the Holding Group VEMEX

Proč VEMEX energie?

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    We – Are your partner for life!

    We operate openly and transparently, aiming at having a longstanding cooperation with you. We truly care for our customers – our services are destined to make their lives simpler.

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    Stability and Reliability

    Vemex Group operates in the Czech market for over a decade. We have direct access to Natural Gas reserves, effectively eliminating the intermediary margin from our costs.

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    Smart, honest, transparent

    You will not need to over-pay, since we know how to reduce your expenses! Our customers know exactly how much, and what they are paying for. We explain to our customers, how to correctly consume energy – how to avoid over-paying for it. Our customers forget about the confusing bills, since our invoice-bills and transparent and clear. VEMEX Energie is well known for its professional and honest attitude towards their customers. Want to be sure of that and save money? Click here!

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    Energy for life

    Electricity and gas – merely a means for obtaining clean energy for your home, business, car and mind. Power up on our energy!

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    Turnkey Contract

    The parameters of the contract are determined based on your energy consumption. We take the time to explain to our customrs the features and benefits of both fixed-term and open-ended contracts, and recommend the best fit specifically for them.


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